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4 amazing attractions to explore in Okanagan with your family

Okanagan is simply a little paradise. There are lots of things here to enjoy with family. Some of the attractions are free as well. Here are the four major attractions in Okanagan that you can explore with your family.

Float the Okanagan river channel in Penticton

It is one of the best things to do with your family in Okanagan. It is a popular activity among the locals as well, and it is free. If you are looking to have a different experience, then you should come here with your family. You need to bring something to float on the river. Your kids can swim in the channel and snorkel. They will love to see the fishes swimming along the bottom of the river. You can simply float and relax in the calm river and enjoy the lovely view.

Picnic at the beach in Peachland

It is a lovely place to have a picnic with your family along the beach. There are picnic tables lying along the shore. If you want, you can bring your barbecue equipment. There are some small shops which you can visit. You can simply enjoy walking along the beautiful place.

Visit the Old Grist Mill in Keremeos

This mill was made in 1877 for grinding flours for the gold rush miners. It also produced flour for the Similkameen Valley residents. This is a historic site that you can enjoy with your family.

Corn Maze at DeMilles market

DeMilles market is a fun place to be with the kids. They will love to walk through the corn maze. You can explore the maze for an hour.

There are plenty of things to do in Okanagan with family. Your children will love the activities, and you will have a wonderful relaxed time here.

3 reasons why you should visit Okanagan

Every year, tourists from all over the world come to this beautiful place for a summer escape. You will love the warm water in the summer in Okanagan. Here are three reasons why you must visit Okanagan for your holiday.

The landscape


There are beautiful beaches in Okanagan. You will love the view. The place is full of breathtaking vineyards and golf courses. So, you are looking for something natural; this is the place to be.



You will get the best skiing in Canada here. There are various challenging ski runs and picturesque trails. You will also love skating under the stars at the various outdoor rinks in the Okanagan Valley. Some of the hills in this valley open in the early November and close in May. So, if you want to enjoy the winter sports here, you should visit between the months of November to April. There are other activities like birdwatching, hiking, golf, etc. that you can enjoy.

Wine tasting


There are many vineyards across Okanagan region. You can do wine tasting throughout the year. You will enjoy the wine tours. The vineyards are beautiful, and you can have wonderful day tours to these places.

If you travel during the off-season months, you will get huge discounts on accommodations. The place will be less crowded, and you will enjoy visiting vineyards or other places. There are many tour operators in Okanagan. So, they can help you with the wine tasting and outdoor activity tours. Before you visit Okanagan, make sure you know the weather condition so that you can come prepared.

The 5 most expensive homes ever sold in British Columbia

Most of Canada’s expensive homes are in British Columbia. The expensive homes are located in the Lower Mainland area. These are the most expensive homes ever sold in British Columbia.

4785 Drummond Drive, Vancouver


Price: $51.8 million

It is a 25,000 sq. ft. mansion that is sold to a businessman from China named Mailin Chen. He is the owner of a Vancouver-based company. The mansion has three lots which include a movie theater, tennis court and garage that can hold up to 10 cars. The house was previously owned by Don Mattrick who is the CEO of Zynga, a gaming company.

1 3838 Cypress Street, Vancouver


Price: $45 million

This property has four lots. There are 17 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, and 6 kitchens. The driveway is heated. So, during the winter months, you can have a nice walk in your driveway.

4351 Erwin Drive, West Vancouver


Price: $42.8 million

It is a beachfront property located on a very desirable street in West Vancouver. It is built on a -0.78 Acre property. European artisans were called into built this house, and it took four years to complete the house.

5365 Seaside Place, West Vancouver


Price: $38 million

It is a beachfront mansion situated on a private peninsula. It’s a perfect home if you are looking to live in a tranquil environment. There are 650 feet of natural shoreline near the house.

4726 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver


Price: $35 million

You can get beautiful mountain, ocean and city views from here. It is a 9,693 sq. ft. mansion with four bedrooms and six bathrooms. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a fire pit, and gym.

People’s interest for these expensive houses shows that they are ready to pay a huge amount for their luxury and comfort. These expensive houses that are sold in British Columbia show how demanding the real estate business is in this place.